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2001-2003 Hamilton & Bond News

Business Marketing Association Award of Excellence
The Chicago Chapter of the Business Marketing Association has earned an Award of Excellence from the national Business Marketing Association during their annual national chapter competition for excellence in various communications categories. This award was for Web Site design and effectiveness. The Web Site is designed, programmed and hosted by Hamilton & Bond for the Chicago Chapter so both the Chapter and Hamilton & Bond were recipients of the award. That makes 63 awards! Can we work with you to earn the 64th? Contact Us today for ideas that get results.

Welcome new client University & College Designers Association (UCDA) headquartered in Smyrna, TN. This active association of leading edge creatives sponsors several professional development and creativity workshops throughout the year. We’re delighted to have competed for and earned their business to develop and host an e-commerce website. The website will feature our unique WebCORE remote content management capability which will make it a central component of improved and expanded member services.

Are you employed in the design or graphics production department of a college or university? Check out UCDA, you’ll be glad you did. If you’re looking for innovative and cost efficient marketing communication, check out Hamilton & Bond!

Welcome New Client Fuji Machine Works
Visit for the best in metal forming equipment and metal forming production lines. Hamilton & Bond recommended and acquired this domain name for Fuji Machine Works Co. Our assignments include developing and placing an advertising program, web hosting and optimizing the search engine positioning of their new website.

What’s Your Web Page Accessibility?
An estimated 54 million people in the United States alone must overcome impairments to vision, color, dexterity or hearing to appreciate the content of your website. Many people rely on screen readers to describe the content to them of pages they find difficult or impossible to see. Yet, most websites lack the HTML programming that would activate these and other features designed to ensure the disadvantaged have access to electronic information.

Hamilton & Bond can help you assess the friendliness of your current website, remove barriers and achieve recognition as a web accessible website. If you’ve been looking for ways to grow your market lately, consider the 54 million that many of today’s websites leave in the dark.

Review our White Paper on Web Accessibility Standards and Section 508 Requirements and why they are important. Or, take advantage of your blessed ability to just Contact Us.

The Chicago Chapter of the Business Marketing Association has just earned a Chapter Achievement Award for their website, created and hosted by Hamilton & Bond. Each year, Chapters of the international BMA compete for top recognition of outstanding performance in specific communications and organizational events or goals.

The Chicago BMA website is noteworthy because it is so completely open to remote content management by several committees and volunteers, and because it features many date sensitive pages whereby the server changes page content based on various days of the month or year. The ability to Show/Hide pages allows the advance creation of special events pages, but keeps their content shielded from public view until the right moment arrives to promote their date sensitive content.

Another special attribute is an online member directory that members can actually maintain themselves. Members update their own records whenever necessary using their standard log-in info. They can also write 75 word descriptions of their service or product and link to a logo.

E-commerce for online event registration and payment of fees is also part of the website.

The programming behind this technology was written by the H&B staff to better serve its clients. If you’ve been looking for to reduce your web maintenance costs and to better distribute the work load and responsibility of web content management, this could be the answer! Contact us to see a live demonstration.

University of Illinois Names H&B Among Preferred Suppliers
Hamilton & Bond and the University of Illinois have just signed a 5 year working agreement for graphic arts, communications and consulting services. H&B is one of several new vendors who competed for and earned Preferred Vendor Status with the University of Illinois and its various campus affiliates.

So, it’s never too late to go back to school, and we are very happy to serve this nationally renowned center of technology, engineering, educational sciences and performing arts. Oh, and they have a great athletic program, too.

If your marketing program could use some youthful spirit and creativity, contact Hamilton & Bond, an agency with studious credentials.

Domain Name Purchase & Management
Now you can purchase and manage internet domain names through Hamilton & Bond. H&B can now offer you domain name services with an easy-to-understand interface, fair pricing and local support if you need it. Use our service for domain name purchase, transfer or management. Many people have been expressing frustration with the complex practices of Verisign/Network Solutions and Frankly, we agree. That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to offer you the same service from a company you already know and trust.

Even if you haven’t decided yet to work with Hamilton & Bond, please feel free to use our domain name service anyway. It’s fast, friendly and affordable.

Welcome New Client HPI America!
HPI America, a leading supplier of machine tool components and accessories has named Hamilton & Bond agency of record for a variety of marketing communications assignments including media planning and placement, advertising creative, public relations and publicity, photography and photo retouching, brochures and sales materials and other graphic arts services.

First assignment, produce three new sales brochures, a new advertisement, new business materials and a press kit all for Westec Machine Tool Expo in about 45 days. Today, March 21, was the deadline for all items to be done. Mission accomplished. Whew!

If you’re looking for an efficient marketing partner that doesn’t lose time getting your new image up and running, “We Can Do That.”

Ever asked for driving directions from someone in the neighborhood only to get directions that were totally wrong? I’d say that’s happened to all of us at least once. Fortunately, that bad advice only wasted our time (and maybe made us late for an appointment).

Imagine the damage bad advice can do to your business and to your brand.

That’s why the Certified Business Communicator (CBC) examination of the Business Marketing Association is so important. Anyone can introduce themselves as a branding/marketing/advertising counselor — just like anybody you stop on the street looks like a good source of traffic directions.

How do you know you’re getting experienced, professionally certified advice? Look for the CBC after the name. Or at least ask “are you familiar with the Business Marketing Association and their CBC program?” Get the right answer to that question and you’re much more likely to get right answers to the rest of your questions about sales, marketing, communications and web design.

For more information about the CBC Study Course and National Testing Service, visit the Chicago Chapter BMA.

Stanton J. Bond, CBC Since 1984

Hamilton & Bond processed two orders for the US Army in February through our GSA Schedule Contract. We’re delighted to be able to serve the military, especially in this time of heightened alert. If we can help you, please contact us.

If you conduct a web search for thermoset polyester compounds on the world’s leading search engine,, you’ll find Hamilton & Bond client Rodgers Engineering right at the top of their list.

We take search engine work seriously. There are no easy tricks or magic software solutions. We get top search engine rankings for our clients the old fashioned way, we earn them. If you’d like to pull rank on competitors in your category, call in some strategic search engine reinforcements: Hamilton & Bond.

By the way, if your business needs top quality thermoset polyester or injection molding services, search no further, Rodgers Engineering has what you need.

Laboratory Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of precision laboratory equipment located in Maple Park, IL, retained Hamilton & Bond in mid-November 2002 for Strategic Search Engine Management services.

We found several problems with their web pages (designed by another firm) that prevented their website from performing well in search engines and received approval from Lab Tech to correct them.

As of January 15, 2003, Laboratory Technologies, Inc. has come from nowhere to being on the first page for the four key phrases identified as the focus of our initial efforts. For the two most critical phrases, Lab Tech now holds positions 2 & 3 in both singular and plural forms.

60 days from being lost in the pack to being page one.

Can your website use some Search Engine First Aid? Contact Us.
We Can Do That.

It’s official. Hamilton & Bond has been awarded two contracts for Media, Marketing and Public Information Services by the Federal Supply Service, General Services Administration (GSA). First contract is a Small Business Set-Aside for Web Design, Commercial Photography, Special Event and Trade Show Services. Second contract is for all other categories of Group 738 Media, Marketing and Public Information services.

As part of this process, the General Services Administration reviewed our technical competence, expertise, pricing, quality control systems, financial stability and programs for continuous professional development/improvement.

The benefit of these contracts is that Federal and other GSA buyers can do business with Hamilton & Bond with dramatically reduced paperwork and complexity. Everyone will save considerable time and money.

If your company sells to the Federal Government as a Prime Contractor or through Contractor Teaming, there can be many important advantages for you as well. Joint proposals that enhance your product or service package with solutions or training materials we may be able to provide might be more successful with Government buyers. Today’s buyers are looking for integrated solutions that help them achieve a desired result, joint proposals can better meet those needs.

To learn more, visit the Government Buyers section of our website.

Listen for mention of Hamilton & Bond on WDCB College of DuPage Public Radio 90.9 FM beginning Monday Oct. 14, 2002.

We are pleased to support Public Radio in the Chicagoland area and hope you will join us. Be sure to tune in to WDCB 90.9 FM for a great mix of jazz, blues, folk, classical, bluegrass and gospel at regularly scheduled time periods throughout the week. WDCB is also a leading broadcast source for local, regional and state news and weather.

If you hear our name mentioned, drop us a note at Feedback is always helpful. If you like the programming on WDCB, please consider joining Friends of WDCB as a sponsoring member.

The results of our Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation are in and we received the top rating available! Our thanks and gratitude to the 20 companies who agreed to be interviewed by Open Ratings, Inc., a division of Dun & Bradstreet.

Hamilton & Bond scored high in five key categories. Completely positive feedback was reported for our:
  • Reliability
  • Order Accuracy
  • Delivery/Timeliness
  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
The independently conducted Open Rating survey is a requirement of our application to the US Government to be a GSA Corporate Schedule approved provider of Marketing, Media and Public Information Services.

We are currently approved by the US Department of Defense, the State of Illinois, the US Navy and the US Army to provide Federal communications and web design support on a per project basis.

The rating that counts most is the rating that you would give us. Contact us. Let’s build some success together!

Low price is no bargain as a brand building tool.

The July 1 issue of Advertising Age offers a thought provoking (and budget defending) article beginning on page 34. Here are a few of its points.

Next time you purchase a $3 latte at Starbucks, think about how price sensitive buying cans of coffee at the grocery store used to be.

Evian bottled water is more expensive ounce per ounce than Coke. And they’ve achieved this in a product category where very little noticeable product differentiation exists from one brand of bottled water to the next. (After all, its WATER).

Still, we’re all rubbing nickels because we just can’t afford to promote like we used to. When the price of a brand becomes its primary measure of value, categories risk becoming commodities. As a result, margins generally decline.

The solution? Creating Brand Preference.

According to the author of the Ad Age article, Peter Murane, “…marketers that compete on price alone are simply being lazy and cannot expect to build a sustainable advantage.”

Feeling some price pressure yourself these days? The answer is to fight back with creating brand building programs. We can help. Let’s talk. Creatively.

The Business Marketing Association of Chicago has presented its Proud Award for 2002 to Stanton Bond. The Proud Award recognizes distinctive and continuous service to the Association and is presented once each year to a recipient selected by previous award winners.

The Business Marketing Association is Chicago’s only B2B communications and marketing association, founded in 1921, and originally termed the “Industrial Advertising Association.”

Bond was Chicago Chapter President during the year Chicago hosted the organization’s national conference and when the organization adopted its new name and logo to become the Business Marketing Association. Hamilton and Bond provides web design, web hosting and web site maintenance for the Association’s website

Stan’s comment on the honor? He is flattered and especially pleased that the Association broke with tradition this year and granted the award to a “young” fellow.

Did you know that 498 million people around the globe had access to the Internet from their homes by the end of last year? Nielsen/NetRatings (, March 07, 2002) says that was a jump of 5.1 percent from the figure in July-September. “People in Asia continued to hook up faster than anywhere else. Europeans were next, followed by computer users in Latin America and the United States. North America continued to have the largest share of the global Internet audience at 40 percent. Europe, Middle East and Africa accounted for 27 percent and Asia 22 percent.” And you thought the internet was a fad. Let us help you get wired. Contact us.

No joke! Our latest website, goodhARTwalls, marks the 75th website to be developed by Hamilton & Bond. When we started with the web in 1995, only 1,500 or so www sites are believed to have existed worldwide. Everything was new to all of us.

Today, when we compete for new websites and web marketing, we often have more experience than our next 2-3 competitors combined. Very few of our competitors close the loop by hosting or maintaining the sites they develop.

What does this experience mean for you? Better chance of success right out of the chute. We know websites aren’t just about HTML skills, or Javascript, Photoshop or Server Side Includes. They are marketing instruments that have the power to move your business rapidly and dynamically.

If “we have a website” is all you can say about your web presence, it’s time to seek out a professional. Want to know more? Contact us.

Hamilton & Bond is now a registered Trading Partner with the US Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency. We have been cleared as authorized providers for a variety of services including print production, public relations, consulting, web development, web design, IT, wireless networking and electronic surveys.

Other recently received public sector certifications include:
  • Eligible Small Business to Prime Defense Contractors
  • Eligibility for Public Contracts by Illinois Dept of Human Rights
  • Eligible Vendor, Illinois Department of Central Management Services
We are proud to be an approved resource for the agencies listed above and more. Please contact us if you are a Prime Defense Contractor or a manager of public sector operations.

Could wireless networking help you? It certainly can save a lot of wiring expense. We just installed wireless machine networking for client Hitachi Seiki and it’s working great! What is wireless machine networking? Hitachi Seiki machine tools include ethernet ports that allow their CNC controls to interact with PC networks, laptops — even laptops and pagers. With a variety of available software packages users can monitor and manage machine tools remotely from anywhere on their office LAN or even the internet.

Sound pretty advanced? Well, it is. And it’s probably the future for efficient manufacturing. We can help you install it today. Contact us.

The Web Development Zone of DevX features daily sightings (formerly “Project Cool”) of web sites that exemplify unique and notable design or content. We’re delighted to see work on behalf of our client, Inheritance Project, included in this exclusive group of featured internet websites (sighted January 31, 2002).

The Inheritance Project exhibition will be featured at The Beacon Street Gallery in Chicago March 8 through April 26 and is open to the public.

Stan Bond was one of 27 invited to judge the national Pro-Comm Award competition conducted by the Business Marketing Association. Creative entries in 39 categories were judged on Visual Impact, Product/Service Identity, Effectiveness of Selling Proposition and Clarity of Message.

Results of the national judging will be announced at the National BMA Conference in June, and at their website.

How would your materials fare when judged in these five criteria? Let’s take a look together. Contact us today. Together we might make an award winning team.

Crain’s Chicago Business article says “…at a time when companies are wringing every excess penny from their budget, some small business owners are looking to the Internet to cut costs and improve revenue.” Read the entire Crain’s article for yourself or contact us to discuss your situation. We can help.

Airhart Construction has retained Hamilton & Bond to update, host and maintain its website offering distinctive homes and home sites for the western suburbs including Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Naperville, Woodridge, Geneva, St. Charles and more. If your home situation could use an upgrade, or if you know someone who might be looking, check out

Hamilton & Bond wishes everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

As the 2001 Holiday Season reaches it peak, Hamilton & Bond client picks the best wine values for $15 or less. The listings, announced by e-news through our mail list server, represents the results of the 2002 Chicago Value Wine Challenge. If you’re planning a festive holiday table, don’t forget the holiday spirits!

The Goner virus doesn’t affect Hamilton & Bond mail and web servers. Our email servers have been blocking the new Goner virus virtually since it surfaced about Dec 1. Our website servers are completely unaffected. Many of the latest viruses target only the Windows platform. Virus filtering and more secure servers are among the ways we add value to your marketing mix.

Do you have special seasonal shipping requirements? If the hot days of summer or the cold days of winter present some extra cost issues for your shipping, our e-commerce programming abilities can help. Additional shipping or handling/packaging costs are automatically added to some Hamilton & Bond client websites based on a date range. Then, when the target dates expire, the additional costs are automatically removed. In fact, your web pages could also be timed to say, “Place orders now to avoid additional packaging/shipping costs due to harsh weather.” Could our techniques help you? Find out.

On November 30, select VISA cardholders who visit client World’s Finest Chocolate’s E-store will receive a special promotional offer. Our servers are programmed to automatically recognize qualified web visitors and present them with a special offer. The process is automatic. Something similar might help your business grow. Ask us for more details.

2002 Patriot Calendars have just been added to the E-store. If your special contacts would enjoy a Pop-Up desk calendar with a patriotic design theme, check out

The new corporate website for Rodgers Engineering went “live” today. It features an engineering oriented design that lets busy buyers type in the product attributes their project requires and the website guides them to the right product compounds. If you're searching for thermoset polyester molding compounds or molding services, is where to go.

Hamilton & Bond is now providing broadband wireless internet service to buildings and offices just west of Route 59 along Roosevelt Road. The wireless internet service features T1 speed connectivity without the need for dedicated Telco lines; and at much lower cost.

An immediate, same day, uptick in orders was the result of an email promotion developed for World’s Finest Chocolate. The email was designed to present as a composed page with graphics and clickables throughout. Technically, this is what would be called an HTML format email. Hamilton & Bond’s mail list server was used and the information was drawn from a database of known chocolate lovers. The World’s Finest Chocolate email offers a discount for holiday orders placed by October 15. So, wouldn’t chocolate make a great change of pace for your holiday gift giving?

Hitachi Seiki USA has expanded the extranet use of its internet site, developed and hosted by Hamilton & Bond, to include a new area where customer technicians can download software updates, operating systems and technical bulletins related to the operation of Hitachi Seiki machine tools and controls.

Naomi’s Gallery has retained Hamilton & Bond to develop and host a website devoted to the artwork and artistic expressions of Naomi Pridjian. Naomi’s artwork will be featured at an upcoming exhibition in Chicago at the Beacon Street Gallery. Watch for coming soon!

Code Red virus worm didn’t affect Hamilton & Bond, although we did monitor several attempts to infect our servers. We experienced no disruption to service. We did develop a list of infected servers which attempted to infect our servers and made that list available to appropriate people over the internet.

The Inheritance Project has retained Hamilton & Bond to develop a website supporting the upcoming exhibition of Armenian-American artwork and artists, sponsored by Beacon Street Gallery in Chicago, IL. The exhibition will be held March 8 to April 26, 2002.

Krupp Associates Architects has retained Hamilton & Bond to develop an e-commerce website to describe and sell a portfolio of more than 3000 residential home plans. Krupp personnel will be able to add or delete home plans remotely using a browser interface which will not require special programming skills. If you’re looking for professionally designed home plans at a reasonable price; is coming soon!

Welcome to new client Rodgers Engineering! Rodgers Engineering is a leading manufacturer of plastic molding compounds and a provider of molding services. Hamilton & Bond will be creating a new corporate web site for Rodgers and assisting with other brand building activities.

Does your business crave high speed internet access? Located in the western suburbs of Chicago? Then, let us connect you to the internet with reliable, high speed T1 access. Special cost savings are currently available for a limited time only! Contact us today for more info.

Hamilton & Bond has moved to 480 East Roosevelt Road, Suite 202, in West Chicago, IL 60185. Stop on by if you’re in the neighborhood.

Hamilton & Bond earns three Tower Awards from the Business Marketing Association of Chicago. The awards were for website development and “shoestring budget.”

On May 31st, Hamilton & Bond will move to new offices in West Chicago, IL, near the new Silicon Prairie and DuPage Regional airport.

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