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Search Marketing - The New Frontier

Each month in North America alone, 16,000 people conduct nearly 16 million internet searches. Each is looking to source some kind of information or company quickly. Searching the internet meets that interactive need faster and more conveniently than any other media.

Those searches may be performed before or after hours at the office, from home, from a train or bus while commuting. What makes them special is that the buyer is in control. They need information, they have a tool they know will produce information quickly, and the marketers who embrace search marketing will harvest the click-throughs.

Search marketing involves three related, but very different processes:
1. Search Engine Optimization of your website.
2. Search Engine Position of your website.
3. Search Phrase related advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization relates to the actual programming and design code of your website. That code and the actual content of your website significantly affect search engine performance. Learn more about search engine optimization.

Search Engine Positioning

Search Engine Positioning efforts relate to how to obtain a higher ranking in listings for product or service areas of importance to your customers or target market. Several factors impact where your website places in a total list of search results, but the most important factor is the actual content and composition of your website. Learn more about search engine positioning.

Search Phrase Marketing

Search Phrase Marketing is the purchase of available ad space for the display of an advertisement triggered by a search on that site (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, for a specific search phrase. Your advertisement is typically displayed for free (yea!), and costs are applied only if the viewer actually clicks on a link to visit your website. Learn more about Google Adwords.

If you're looking for a marketing communications program with immediate and measureable results, come talk to us about Search Engine Marketing. You'll see results right away, we promise.

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