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Full service marketing communications and new age media.

Hamilton & Bond was founded in 1984 as an Illinois corporation. We are proud of our Dun & Bradstreet rating, so if you are considering our company as a supplier, we encourage you to check our history of responsible business practice and careful stewardship of client budgets.

Our company began with the Apple Macintosh when it was introduced in 1984. In fact, we were among the first 100,000 to own a Macintosh (not easy since the initial orders for the machine set all time computer sales records).

We were successfully doing desktop publishing before anyone knew what to call it. The phrase desktop publishing was coined a year or two after the Mac was introduced.

In 1995, we chose to extend our comfort with the technicalities of computing on to the internet and we became an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Today, we are recognized by the ICC as a Chicagoland ISP and a virtual CLEC. We operate a server "farm" which is monitored ’round the clock.

In 2006 we became an authorized Apple Business Agent and provided Apple computers, software, leasing, accessories and related product sales.

Apple disbanded the Apple Business Agents program effective December 31, 2007.
It will be replaced with other programs, stay tuned!

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