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About Us

Internet Service Provider

Why would being our own ISP matter? Three reasons.

  1. Our clients get a single source of responsibility for their internet business interests. We have complete control, we take complete responsibility.

  2. As an ISP, we have gained extremely valuable insights into the capabilities of internet servers, the tactics of internet hackers and the operation of internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These insights have been powerful competitive advantages to our customers.

  3. Because the internet truly is a core part of our business, we’ve learned much that can help our clients integrate aspects of the internet into their business practices that many would never see or notice. The internet is a powerful business tool with capacity far beyond the mere display of your products and services on the World Wide Web.

For our customers this means they now have a marketing partner who is also an ISP. That makes us very uncommon. Most of our competition “jobs out” web site content or hosting, or even both. Their limited grasp of technology cannot propel your business forward as quickly. With us, it’s all right here — the servers, the software, the connectivity, site design and maintenance. A single resource that can blend what to do and how to do it in one seamless motion. Does it really make a difference? Let us show you.

About Us
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