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The secret to effective communication is to tell people what interests them.

Of course this means you need to know your market well enough to identify who your buyers are, what really does interest them and how your solution integrates with their life. Beyond that, there aren’t many rules. But there are some tricks of the trade.

As outside consultants, we are unaffected by the internal assumptions, dogmas and politics that sometimes color corporate marketing decisions. We assume very little and we enjoy asking silly questions that lead to new perspectives.

Communicating your message is often a matter of emphasis. Selling your product is probably not as important as helping your prospects conclude that they should buy it. What’s the point of waxing eloquent about how well made your ice cubes are when what the customer really wants is a refreshing cold drink.

Most important, effective communication can’t come from an idea drawer. If you suspect that what’s being sold to you as creative was thrown together in a hurry, it probably was. Great creative emerges from a strong sense of pressures your customers feel and a talent for relating the benefits you offer to the solutions ordinary people seek.

Great work doesn’t result from trying to “be creative.” Great work results from knowing the customer so well that the right idea falls into your lap. That’s how we use our skills to help you.

Our Approach
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advertising design and copywriting advertising design and copywriting advertising design and copywriting advertising design and copywriting advertising design and copywriting advertising design and copywriting
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