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What is a domain name anyway?

Internet data is really routed via IP addresses, strings of numbers that identify networks and servers. To make life more bearable for those of us who don’t have photographic numeric memories, a domain name system was conceived that allows the association of a memorable name ( with a web or mail server’s IP number. You can actually locate a website by typing an IP number into your address bar rather than a domain name, but domain names are way easier to remember.

We can help you obtain a domain name, or add to your collection. While company names are popular domains, the generic equivalent of the product you sell or the market you serve can also be an effective marketing tool. One caution, when you search for the availability of a domain name, do not use a number of free services scattered about the internet — some of those are really research tools by savvy name brokers who may use your search as a tip to buy the name themselves and try to sell it back to you.

A safe choice? Search for and register your domain through Hamilton Bond. You'll be able to maintain and manage your new domain name with whatever ISP you choose. We hope you'll choose us!

P.S. If your current domain name registrar is a pain, you can transfer to our system and get prompt personal service. You receive full credit for any time remaining on your current registration, plus another 12 months or longer if you choose.

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domain name registration
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