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Choose a web hosting plan that fits your internet business strategy.

Premium ROI   $450/month | Features | Sign-Up
Our premium plan combines full service hosting with many consultative and strategic services designed to turn your website into a tactical business advantage. An example would be the development of pre-determined promotional schedules when content on your website is updated by us to highlight specific products, occasions, services or pricing. We provide ongoing marketing suggestions based on web traffic reports and we accept primary responsibility for your website’s Search Engine performance. Ask about free monthly web content revisions with this plan.

Business Class   $299/month | Features | Sign-Up
Business class web service includes a bundle of the most popular a la carte options for business web hosting. A secure server for e-commerce, database access for dynamic websites or rapid product search and display, password restricted pages and internal pages not for public view are among the many features included in this package. Online web traffic reports and online performance goals simplify staff reports about the effectiveness of your website. Download key visitation data right into your spreadsheet to make your own charts and graphs.

Basic Value   $99/month | Features | Sign-Up
Basic value provides the core ingredients of a successful web presence including a robust internet connection that puts your company, and its web pages, in the most favorable light. Say goodbye to “server not found” or “connection not available” complaints that tarnish your business and disrupt your day. This is business oriented web hosting run by business people you can reach day or night. While others may ask your account number, we’re more likely to recognize your voice and remember your last call. Our business depends upon the internet, and we understand that your does, too.

Co-Location   $199/month | Features | Sign-Up
Co-Location is powerful solution for companies that need absolute control of their webserver, but cannot risk compromising their own company network. Like the pro’s say, the best firewall of all is a few miles of unconnected airspace between your network and your web server. That's what our business class co-location plan provides you; and much more.

You provide the equipment and software, we provide high bandwidth connectivity with filtered UPS power, server back-up and personalized service. Manage your own server(s), or let us manage them for you. Either way, you’ll have all the benefits of a corporate web (and email) server, without the risks of having it connected to your company network.

Dedicated Server   $375/month | Features | Sign-Up
One of our most popular plans, the Dedicated Server package provides you with state-of-the-art hardware and software technology, without the upfront expense and risk of acquisition. You pay for cutting edge performance, all the other worries belong to us.

For a constant monthly payment, you enjoy the security and performance benefits of a non-shared co-located server, continually updated by us to make sure your web visitors benefit from cutting edge technology that puts your organization in the best possible light.

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