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interactive formsInteractive Forms
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Interactive Forms

Interactive Forms empower the web visitor to make requests or initiate actions without assistance and on the timetable of their choosing. The Contact Us form allows visitors to make requests after your switchboard is closed, thereby working for you ’round the clock. More important, a well designed form will save everyone time by gathering enough information up front to direct requests to the right department. Interactive forms not only improve customer service, they utilize the decision making power of the web server to minimize interruption and message shuffling amongst your staff.

HTML alone cannot bring forms to life. Other programming languages, often referred to as CGI’s (Computer Gateway Interface), allow the “Submit” button to work. Some websites tend to avoid interactive forms through fear of CGI’s or lack of skills to implement them. Today’s savvy internet users respond better to websites which allow them to take some action to advance their interests, and that typically is done best with interactive forms.

Interactive Forms provide these benefits and more:
  • Simple method to make an information or service request
  • E-commerce depends upon interactive forms
  • Submissions route automatically to one or several departments
  • Web statistics document the popularity of forms submissions
  • Interactive websites gain more attention and traffic
Want to test an interactive form? Contact Us today!

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