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JavaScript and Web Design

JavaScript is the scripting language of the Web. There are several versions of JavaScript; so it's important that HTML code clearly specify which version is being used for your website.

Some versions of javascript code display fine on the designer's computer, but not as they intended on the browsers or computers of other viewers. Javascript must be selected and implemented very carefully to avoid making your website unfriendly or unaccessible. This is especially important when navigation is dependent upon the javascript; for example when using pull down menus.

We use JavaScripts to make web pages more dynamic and interactive.

Here are some examples:
  • Changing content based on date/time
  • Changing visual on mouseover, mouseclick
  • Creating content based on viewer choice
  • Custom drop down menus
  • Custom alert windows

Web Design & Development
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JavaScript web design for content changes JavaScript web design for mouseover and mouseclick JavaScript web design for content changes based on viewer preferences JavaScript web design for drop down menus JavaScript web design for custom alert windows
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