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Online Advertising
Google AdWords and other online advertising

Should online advertising be part of your business communications?

Online advertising is a new and rapidly growing communications tool with merit even for traditional heavy industry. Can banner ads, logo buttons, hypertext links and online showrooms really work for business websites? In many cases yes. And at low cost.

Google AdWords programs have helped Hamilton & Bond clients boost their web traffic by 50%! Most important, those new web visitors were captured at the precise moment THEY wanted more information about our client's product. Our Google AdWords strategies help ensure that your message and your website are handy when buyers are buying.

The problem is choosing the right online opportunity and the most efficient spending level. Online advertising means investing precious ad dollars in the popularity of someone else’s website. But, who do they reach, and how does their audience relate to your business?

The measurement tools and criteria for selection of online media are different from other advertising media; it's no place for guesswork. Our experience can boost your chance of success. Let us show you how. Contact Us!
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