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Retention Marketing
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Good things happen when you recognize the humanity of customers.

When a new company begins purchasing from you, does that trigger a letter from management welcoming them as a customer? Do you provide a convenient reference of service and information contacts in various departments? Do you express your appreciation for the opportunity to serve them? You don’t? Think about the sales and marketing resources that went into landing that new customer. Worth a simple business letter? Probably.

Do you recognize the anniversary dates for when your customers first placed an order? Do you recognize 5 or 10 year milestones? What is the benefit, by the way, of having been your customer consistently over the years? Do you recognize your most problem free or most innovative customers? Why not?

Market growth isn’t always fire and lightning. Sometimes it’s just taking time to develop systems that allow you to treat your customers as though they’re special. As though they’re important to you. We can help. Contact us.
objectives strategies results measurement
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objectives strategies results measurement
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