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Making time for trade shows.

So much physical preparation is required for a trade show that we all struggle to make time to plan for marketing preparation. Still, if there isn’t a marketing reason for the trade show, then why bother? Set objectives and stick to ’em.

We can work with you to target an audience prior to the show, work to attract their attention and assure they stop by your exhibit. Often a special event for breakfast or dinner can appeal to a large segment of your target audience. We can help you set up a product demonstration in a remote setting where meals or entertainment can be provided.

And don’t forget the trade press! They attend trade shows too! Consider a morning press conference or special product preview. Trade shows can be a powerful part of your marketing program, but it takes much, much more than just planning to be at the show. You have to WORK the show and all the value it can offer. Ask us for some ideas!

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